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The scenic area how to resolve the investment promotion and capital introduction difficult dilemma?

Date: 2019-07-10

Scenic area is the strong point of the tourism industry development, is also a place of tourism investment a good breakthrough.In order to improve the success rate of tourism investment, in addition to the design according to the requirements of investors, investment products, but also according to the product of three different levels adopt different ways of investment, such ability to attract attention, stimulate interest, promoting the marketing of trading.

You "will" investment promotion and capital introduction?

1. Improve the level of design, fine packaging project

Attract the attention of investors is the first step to investment success.At present, all kinds of investment projects is numerous, to attract attention, investment in the investment promotion file must highlight the scenic resource advantage, location advantage, the uniqueness of the project design, marketing planning, creative, able to convince investors of market research data and objective investment rate of return can reflect investment projects, such as good prospects for development and rich the content of the return on investment.

Summarize the shortage of the investment project packing work, please professional institutions packaging investment project planning, also can have the investment effect of get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Build channels, using information to promote investment projects

Use of professional investment promotion agency of mature tourism project promotion platform, make the tourism project investment promotion work have twice the result with half the effort, using such professional channels to promote tourism projects, will be more specific.Will also enlarge the influence of project at the same time, promoting the value of land surrounding the project.

Construction and management of investment channels, to carry out investment promotion, tourism exhibition activities, online publicity channels, set up their own websites and issue its own publications and on the large influential website, newspaper, television channels in the form of posted on the project and investment promotion, make the beneficial information disclosure and spread widely.

3. Design good investment environment

Governments at all levels and relevant departments to create a good atmosphere of market investment for investors.On the one hand, to do well the government leading investment.Infrastructure such as transportation, electricity, water supply, environmental protection as a public product, the government should strive for and arrange enough construction funds.At the same time, forestry, water conservancy projects tilt to the scenic area, agriculture and other departments, create a good development environment.

Now some of the investment environment of investment promotion and capital introduction on the design of blindly concession on the preferential policy, is not necessarily to attract investors, but also caused the vicious competition.

Good investment environment, therefore, should consider to have preferential policies, and to the benefit for the project provider itself.So the preferential policy should be mainly aimed at reducing the risk of investors in the key link, according to project specific resources, rich, at different times, design the corresponding preferential policies of time series.In the various resources property rights protection and related laws and regulations on the protection for the interests of investors to provide, adhere to market-oriented operation, this is the root of the investment environment.